AI Engineer

Hex Technologies Inc.

Hex Technologies Inc.

Software Engineering, Data Science
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Saturday, December 2, 2023


Excerpt: Work at the cutting edge of production AI applications.

Status: Unlisted


About the role

Hex Magic is an AI assistant for data science and analytics. The Magic team is building deep integrations between Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and Hex’s core offerings, enhancing the workflows for thousands of users, including for code completion, auto-visualization, and a lot of really exciting ideas we're not going to reveal in a job post.

We are looking for a senior engineer (from a SWE or MLE background) eager to rapidly expand our capabilities in several greenfield applications. As one of our team’s first hires, you will work on a variety of initiatives including:

  • Building features and experiences from 0-to-1
  • Partnering on determining the architecture and stack for our AI-enabled capabilities
  • Shipping product experiences that fundamentally change the way that Data Scientists and Analysts operate
  • Working at the cutting edge of production AI applications

This type of ownership will provide incredible opportunities for personal and professional growth. You will have ample technical and team leadership opportunities, depending on your interests.

We aim to deliver ML capabilities that radically accelerate and augment the data science workflow – we’ve got a big roadmap, and are happy to share more details during the process. We’re particularly interested in candidates who bring inspired excitement about what is possible in this space.

Note: We deeply respect and appreciate ML research; this role is not that. While experience producing relevant journal publications is awesome, it won’t be part of this role’s deliverables.

We'd love to hear from you if you have

  • Experience getting ML/AI capabilities into production and serving real users – we’re not currently looking for new grad folks.
  • A lot of enthusiasm for applications of AI to real business problems.
  • Understanding of core MLOps/SW Architecture concepts for modern ML-based applications. Ideal candidates are strong on Infra aspects of MLOps as well.
  • Comfort working in both Python & JS/TS – it’s okay if you’re only strong in one, but openness to both is important.
  • Interest in the data space, and a love of shipping great products and building tools that empower end users to do more.
  • Experience maintaining a high quality bar for design, correctness, and testing.