AI Product Engineering Lead

Hex Technologies Inc.

Hex Technologies Inc.

Software Engineering, Product, Data Science
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Saturday, December 2, 2023


Excerpt: Build the next generation of our dynamic compute platform for analytics.

Status: Unlisted


About the role

Large language models are unlocking new possibilities for software of all kinds – including data analytics. At Hex, we were early to incorporate powerful AI features into our product, unlocking LLM-powered workflows for thousands of users.

We’re looking for an exceptional engineering leader to level up the execution of our AI team across the stack – from partnering with research to identify the most important experiments to architecting scalable backends to shipping delightful features. This person must successfully align a team of world-class subject matter experts and drive them toward success around a unified outcome that accelerates Hex’s product strategy over the next several years.

On any given day you might find yourself:

  • Leading the team to deliver an industry-leading AI-assisted experience for data analytics workflows.
  • Developing and executing on a technical strategy for optimizing current technology in partnership with SMEs (e.g. using multiple models or deploying to different architectures) and for quickly incorporating new advancements as they arise.
  • Cultivating a high-output, high-vision team culture on one of the most important teams at the company.
  • Engaging with the AI community to maintain and extend Hex’s thought leadership and marketing presence.
  • Working with EPD leadership to develop future phases of AI product strategy within Hex.

About you!

  • At least 8+ years of engineering experience, with at least 4+ in a management capacity
  • Strong focus on execution, with a track record of shipping complex, full-stack projects with multiple stakeholders within the context of a top-tier EPD organization.
  • Technical chops and desire to go deep with LLM and related technology – must be able to appropriately “nerd out,” not just in the weeds of the implementation but also in envisioning the possibilities of the future.
  • Strong product intuitions, particularly about users, workflows and prioritization.
  • Background working with research projects and understanding how to evaluate and measure their success.
  • Must be hands-on, e.g. reading RFCs or giving feedback on the designs, joining customer calls, and using the product frequently.
  • Clear, proactive communication, particularly with less technical stakeholders. This includes not just what is being built but when and why.
  • Inspiring and compassionate people management to lead the team to great achievements while helping them navigate the stress of working with cutting-edge technology in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Talent magnet: experience hiring incredible individuals with the connections in the industry to attract & sell that talent on Hex.
  • Familiarity with modern data technologies and the trends within the industry.

Our stack

Our product is a web-based notebook and app authoring platform. Our frontend is built with Typescript and React, using a combination of Apollo GraphQL and Redux for managing application state and data. On the backend, we also use Typescript to power an Express/Apollo GraphQL server that interacts with Postgres, Redis, and Kubernetes to manage our database and Python kernels. Our backend is tightly integrated with our infrastructure and CI/CD, where we use a combination of Terraform, Helm, and AWS to deploy and maintain our stack.