Senior Product Manager



Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2024
👋 About
Owner is the all-in-one platform that restaurants use to succeed online.
Thousands of restaurant owners use our tools to build their website, drive online orders, create their own branded app, manage their customer relationships, and set up marketing automations.
You can think of it as Shopify meets HubSpot, but specifically for restaurants.
Learn more about the problems we are solving for our customers here.
🌎 Our vision
We’re starting by helping independent restaurants succeed online.
But it’s not just restaurants that need our help. All local service-based businesses are struggling with these same problems. Huge technology corporations are taking their customers, bleeding their profits, and making it hard for them to survive.
So, once we nail the solution for restaurants – we’ll scale it into every other local business type.
In the future we envision, we’ll build the technology that tens of millions of local business owners need to succeed in the digital age.
Our team
Our team grew from 40 people to 90 people in 2023. We’ve got top talent from the most successful companies in SMB software like Shopify, HubSpot, DoorDash, ProCore, and ServiceTitan.
We’re scaling even faster in 2024 to keep pace with our customer growth.
🚀 Our traction
In just over 3 years we've generated tens of millions in revenue, served millions of guests, and have processed hundreds of millions of orders.
More importantly, we’ve helped thousands of restaurant owners save their businesses - and not only survive, but thrive.
🫵 Why we’re looking for you powers the online ordering experience of independent restaurants across America. To connect our first-in-class SEO, website templates, and mobile apps to the kitchen operations of a restaurant requires an equally first-class onboarding and restaurant experience.
We are looking for a Product Manager who will drive this restaurant experience in tandem with our exceptional engineering and design teams.
Your north star is finding opportunities that scale the restaurant owner while also scaling the business
This role will be directly responsible for the onboarding, kitchen tablet, and the restaurant experience dashboard used by’s customers, and will be asked to make these experiences effortless while delivering value for the customer, and accelerating the growth of

✅ Qualifications:

  • A passion for helping restaurants or small businesses thrive in an increasingly corporate world
  • 3+ years in customer-facing roles where you were responsible for identifying key opportunities for the business, launching a solution to market, and measuring its impact
  • Demonstrated ability to build and prioritize a roadmap with cross-functional input while considering requirements from the business, product strategy, customer needs, and partner team needs
  • Demonstrated ability to work with engineering and design teams to bring products from idea to launch
  • Experience with customer development - especially in small, brick-and-mortar businesses
  • Comfortable with, or willing to learn, how to collect quantitative data from our analytics tools to gain insights and measure results
  • Demonstrated ability to write product specifications or clear, concise business documents that drive cross-functional alignment

💻 The impact you will have

  • Translating pain-points into solutions for our customers
  • Improving inefficiencies in existing workflows
  • Building customer-driven roadmaps built on detailed customer journeys
  • Identifying and serving each customer persona

🏆 Pay and benefits

  • The estimated base salary range for this role is $160,000 - 190,000, plus a generous pre-IPO equity package
  • Other benefits include comprehensive health coverage, work from anywhere (100% remote workplace), unlimited PTO - plus extra fun perks!