Vacation Rental Maintenance Manager



Mexico · Lyon, France
Posted on Monday, January 1, 2024

Welcome to Wander! We are seeking the best and brightest to work with our positive and uplifting team, to create magical experiences for guests! In this role you will be assigned 5 to 10 homes, which you will be responsible for caring for!


  • 6+ years of vacation rental management experience

  • expert experience in preventative maintenance

  • ability to work Friday - Tues, 3pm-11pm PST

  • positive uplifting attitude

  • love of work and get along well with others


  • Solely responsible for care of 5-10 homes scheduling preventative maintenance and coordinating with local vendors

  • submitting to insurance for any guest damage

  • contributing to internal databases with home information which AI language models will pull from to answer guest questions about home

  • stepping on for live support in cases where AI can't answer guest's questions for your homes

  • reviewing each clean's photos and inspector reports to ensure homes are cared for to perfection

  • onboard new cleaning crews and home inspectors where needed

  • maintain standards of excellence at your homes